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      • Teacher Tornholm
      • The History of Wigs ft. Syphilis

      Welcome to another History Lesson with Teacher Tornholm! In Todays Episode of "The History Of..." We take a closer look at the History of Wigs, and how Syphilis is involved. This video will take us to Ancient Egypt and The Roman Empire, The Palace of Varsailles and The French Revolution. Wigs might seem like a boring or random thing to think about, but as with many other things in life, if you take a closer look you will find a world of wonder.

      In this video you'll get the answers to when wigs became popular, who wore them, and for which purposes. You'll also learn about The History of Syphilis, and how Christopher Columbus might have been the missing link between the STD and Wigs.

      We'll take a closer look at "The Sun King", Louis XIV and his cousin, King Charles II of England. Marie Antoinette, the killer queen of fashion can't be excluded.

      It's hard to say what use we will find for wigs in the future, but I believe the history is not finished yet. I will continue to make "The History Of..." episodes, and together I believe we will discover many interesting things about this world.